Purchasing & Bulk Sales


MI Technologies, Inc. Purchasing Team

If you need help moving a product line, MI Technologies can help. A sales rep will analyze your product for placement in our multi-channel, international marketplaces. New, closeouts, refurbished, factory defects, salvage, and scrap are all product conditions we are familiar with.  Please contact us for more information regarding purchasing.



Quality Assurance, Processing, and Fulfillment

Quality you can count on. MI cares greatly about quality and it shows. Our products are put through a gauntlet of QA specialists and tested for functionality and sometimes even compatibility. Our process is multi-tiered to ensure fantastic quality at the best prices.


MI's Quality Assurance services can help anyone achieve high quality and help to reduce defects, unwarranted returns, and RMAs.



Order Processing and Fulfillment

We currently process over 2,000 orders per day and have scalable capabilities to expand quickly to meet your needs.  Our warehouse services are geared to fill orders and ship them out in an extremely timely manner. In fact, most orders are shipped out the same day they are received--even Saturdays!

Flagship & Core Services


Asset and Inventory Liquidation

With warehouse services, MI takes the guesswork out of liquidation. MI will inventory and store your product and take them to market through various sales channels. A productive back-end helps to ensure the product transitions smoothly from client to customer, maximizing and increasing your cash flow.



With our experienced, in-house engineers and technicians, MI can injection mold all plastic components, design tools, create product prototypes, metal stamp specialty parts and assemble end products. Our state-of-the art clean room follows current ISO-9000 standards to eliminate long and slow product supply lines in order to bring your manufacturing closer to the market with next day customer delivery.



Product Distribution

Another part of MI’s warehouse services enables B2B customers to utilize the latest technology and one of southern California’s most efficient shipping and receiving offices strategically located on the US-Mexico border. Let MI be a part of your distribution chain and we’ll help generate more revenue and increase your margins. Our distribution services guarantee deliver from point to point with our shipping partners.