MI Technologies, Inc. to Provide Up To 10,000 Masks for Local News, Restaurant Workers, and First Responders

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 22, 2020 /FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VIA MI TECHNOLOGIES, INC./ -- MI Technologies, Inc. has announced a new “Free PPE” program to give 10,000 disposable face masks to local news media, including local public radio, to help protect against Coronavirus and to aid in front-line reporting. In addition to local media, MI Technologies will also extend the Free PPE to restaurant workers and first responders. The Program will launch July 1 and be available until July 31, 2020.


The company, a supply chain technology firm and a Maquiladora manufacturer in both San Diego and Tijuana, had previously been known locally for manufacturing and selling electronic parts, consumables, and consumer electronics, has created a new division to manufacture 3-ply non-woven polypropylene and N95 face masks in the United States to aid in the country’s demand of personal protective equipment, or PPE. 


Chief Executive Officer, Amir Tafreshi, has stated, “We’re all in this together, and with everything going on, it is more important than ever that the media has PPE to enable them to report evidenced-based news during the pandemic.”


Local media companies, restaurant managers, and first responders must have their purchasing or management departments contact Eddie Phanichkul at, with the subject Free PPE, to requisition face masks. 


About MI Technologies, Inc.


MI Technologies is a San Diego based technology company operating as a Maquiladora manufacturer in Tijuana, BC, Mexico manufacturing electronic parts, consumable products, consumer electronics, and personal protective equipment. Non-woven PP and N95 face masks are manufactured in the US and Mexico.


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